Friday, 28 September 2012

Hey guys! Just bringing you the latest collection from Harvey Nichols! Designers include M Missoni, Catherine Deane, and J Brand. Go to and shop brands from A-Z! Enjoy :) x


Catherine Deane.

stunning, beautifully finished dresses making a statement! Gothic inspired and a whole lot of Florence Welch vibe going on! 

M Missoni.
toned down, neutral and earthy colours, subtle patterns and an opt for monochrome. M Missoni displays tactical patterns and sleek tailoring. One other thing that I can say regarding M Missoni's designs is that they are certainly quite graphical and in some sense have some sort of 60s vibe going on. 

J Brand

J Brand's A/W range features subtle tartan, dogtooth and animal print. HUGE this season! take your pick ;) classic grey and black tones are a great investment too! 

Friday, 7 September 2012


Ok, so the talk of the town right now are the VMAS. Most of the celebs looked dazzling in their tailored suits and floor sweeping gowns while some, unfortunately, took the fashion faux pas crown (yikes!)
Down below are some red carpet pictures starting from my my favourites right down to the ones I wasn't really fond of. BUT can I just say that, Miley Cyrus definitely WOW'ed me as she dazzled in a plunging black dress. Yes, she made the top of my best dressed list. absolutely stunning! 

Gothic/Punk Glamour:

Ethereal: Rihanna in a flowing white gown with a quite intriguing knot at the waist. AND her hair is an A+ LOVE IT. What a babe.

The Business Lady: Taylor Swift showed up in a white fitted and feminine tuxedo. Very different look from this misses! The red lips were a bonus! Not too sure about the shoes though. hmm..

I WANT them: The gorgeous boy group, The Wanted, stunned in their tailored suits. I love my men in suits! *lovestruck face*

Skin-tight: Rita Ora sparkled in her skin-tight bodysuit. Oh my, the curves. Was a bit iffy about her outfit but it really is a beautiful bodysuit, although maybe a bit too Jessie J'ish for her. She could have been more creative but babes, you're a beaut!

1D: Aw, are they cute or what? I have to say, they're stylist does one hell of a good job getting these lads all swagged up! Love the pops of burgundy. Looking well lads!

Sharp in silver: the queen of punk rocking a silver gown featuring a split at the side. That leg.

Coordinated: The Saturdays looked gorgeous but wasn't too fond of Vanessa's and Una's dresses. Loved the others though. But still very pretty :)


Burgundy: Kat Graham flashed her bra in a burgundy suit. I really like this but then there's something about it that I find odd. oh yes, me no likey the shoes. The spikes though. UNREAL. The lip colour and hair colour is just LUSH. Matching head to toe. Thumbs up (Y)


'aw yeah': The Jersey Shore crew also appeared on the red carpet. Sorry, but Dina was the only one that I actually thought looked HOT. Her curves, OH MY DAYS. Sammie looks 'ayt.' Vinny failed miserably. Pauly D looks like a dad. No words for Ronny. FASHION FAUX PAS.

Barbie, she said: LOL like Kevin Hart said: 'Cotton Candy.' I don't rate her and her hair. ALTHOUGH, her bodysuit is pretty hot. And her shoes. Lose the hat though. Moving on...


Emma Watson: SHE LOOKS 12. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Like ok, we all mix and match prints but this is just a no, no. MY GAWD. She's beautiful though :( *sigh*

    Jessica Szohr: One question. IS SHE WEARING SNEAKERS? I CAN'T DEAL. Anyways, Jessica Szohr is wearing a split black dress. The end. *walks away*

LOL well guys that's my list anyways, I was happy and disappointed. The VMAS aired last night in the USA. Should be on tonight ( Fri, 7th Sept) in Ireland around 8 or 9pm. Not too sure but yeah, hope you enjoyed reading this post! Until next time :)


                                                         Sources: DailyMail

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


One of my casual, boyish days. LOVE MY CREWNECK!
Can't wait to get more for the new season.
If any of you wanna purchase your own one, please let me know and I'll sort something out for you!
Thanks and I hope you guys like the look :)


Nigeria Ankara Festival 2012!

Hey guys! Back with a new post. On Friday 31st August, the annual Ankara Festival took place in The Red Cow Inn. It was a good night and it was good to see a large crowd embracing african fashion. This event was hosted by Redwood Entertainment and DJ Poison. On the night there were also performance from MTS, Tejay Tray and many more from countries such as Malawi and South Africa. As well as that, there was a mini fashion show which featured designs by Asho|By|D (find her on facebook and check out many more of her designs, she's amazing!) I ended up modelling one of her designs that night and overall it was a wonderful experience :) All the pics below were taken by me on my camera (except for just 1 lol!) One more thing before I go! I also got a chance to meet an uprising blogger who goes by the name of Vickie Roberts. Find the link to her blog down below. Thanks guys.Enjoy x.

Vickie Roberts Blog URL :