Thursday, 31 May 2012

My OOTD :) nothing drastic.. a simple pastel outfit. I FINALLY wore a pair of trousers lool, I bought my baby pink seven-eights skinny jeans in a thrift store (unbelievably cheap!) My cream and black blazer is from Noname and my Suzie Gold Button Boobtube is from New to the LOOK! :D to be honest, this look is one of my 'not bothered' looks.. twas a gloomy, rainy day so I just toned it down a notch (hence the trousers!). still looking SUMMERY though! hope you guys like it x

Guys who are smart, sophisticated and slick in their style get an A+! girlies, you know our guys gotta stay well groomed! my mate Anto here is definetly looking well with his blazer and chinos :) His coral pink blazer is from Zara, baby blue shirt is from New Look, the wine/purple (didn't have a clue what colour they were, definetly not brown though, picture is quite deceiving hmm..) chinos are also from NW :) The dude managed to rob my Raybans for this pic ( i don't let anyone NEAR my Bans) lool , but anyways, the mahogany brown suede shoes are also from NW. Regarding accessories, Anto buckled up with a Merona Italian Leather belt and a wristwatch from Fossil :) This picture was taken in a church car park after the church service. Twas a beautiful sunny day! The outfit definetly gets a 5 star rating from me. The splash of colour from the blazer is LUSH! p.s if this guy tells you that the whole outfit is worth 250 euro or more. DON'T BELIEVE HIM! Ha sorry Anto :)

my bestfriend Marco! adore this chap! we've known each other since we were in Primary School. he is and will always be my first male bestfriend :) ANYHOO, i bumped into Marco today in town (i'm back home in Mullingar *sigh*) and we had lunch and chatted away :) missed him loads.. haven't seen this kid in MONTHS! as always, i used the opportunity to SNAP away! the pic is a bit blurry though but ah well, it'll do! this babe is rocking the Levi's Dark Denim Mans Jacket, a standard grey hoodie from Burtons, the "Praying Hands" tee from Drop Dead, Jeans are slim fit denim wash jeans from Topman and last but not least, the shoes are Vans 106 Vulcans :) i admire women AND mens fashion! Marco looking casual but also sliiiiiick ;)

just a lil post showing my instagram bits and bobs! follow me @skinnies93 :) btw these photos are perfect examples of the many looks i rock on a day to day basis and on occasions too. even my hair! lol , remember to follow me on instagram for more looks! thanks guys x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

a few pictures I managed to get today for Dublin Streetstyle. went for a fashion interview today and managed to bump into fellow fashionistas! I used the opportunity to SNAP away! made a new friend actually, Ali :) stunning girl with a good taste in style. She was wearing a GORGE playsuit from River Island and a leather jacket from A Wear. this is a PERFECT example of edging up pastels. The vibrant floral playsuit was paired up with a leather jacket and some black boots. it's amazing how a whole outfit can change by adding or subtracting a piece of clothing or accesory. i was definetly diggin' Ali's look anyways :) Next up were two other fashionistas (gutted that I didn't even get their name!) which stuck to the more casual and cool look. The blazer (River Island, gonna get me one!) got my attention straight away! when i saw the print, two words popped into my mind: 'exotic' and 'tribal.' it basically reminded me of AFRICA! (bizarre, i know!) for a moment I actually thought it was an ankara design! the beauty paired the blazer up with a black maxi dress, simple but cute :) then lastly, we have a mister rocking a navy blue pair of chinos, a tee and a grey blazer.. may I just say that his hair is amazingly NEAT! lool :)

30/05/12.. MY OOTD guys. the day started off quite gloomy so i thought i'd be the ray of sunshine by wearing something very girly, pretty and BRIGHT! so here you have it, my beautiful blue and white pleated polka dot dress featuring some chestnut brown brogues and my amazing zara shopper bag! (i reallly have to let that bag rest!) the dress is from Primark and so are the brogues. my necklace is from Wallis :) and my rings are from either River Island, Topshop or Newlook. The earrings are from Primark. This look reminds me of the 60s era, especially the polka dot dress.hope you guys like it :) plus, i took out my extensions. gonna rock my natural hair for a while. loving the high bun look :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

ok so i thought i'd grab everyone's attention with this post! i'm not sure if most of you are aware of Philip Lim, but his handbags are LUSH! especially his 3.1 oversized denim jacket which can be converted to a backpack. this is old news but for some of you out there who didn't know, NOW YOU DO! :) when i first saw this i was gobsmacked. never seen anything like it before. hmm.. very creative.

a photo that I took. This my homegirl Jennifer rocking the sophisticated, classy look. the thing i loved about this outifit were the accesories: handbag,jewellery and i also adored the loafers! although the outfit wasn't bright but the way she accesorized, by adding the gold jewellery,gave the outfit an A+. simple but still very sexy. that's my girl!

one of my MANY looks. this particular look is more on the 'edgy, hardcore' side. i felt soo brave mix n matching colours, textures and prints but i'm happy with the outcome :D my jacket, though! *drools* Shorts: Noname. Jacket: Noname. Scarf (used as a boob tube, DIY ay?): Penneys/Primark. wearing a pair of cons (Schuh) Tights: Penneys/Primark. Necklace is from......??????? and not to forget, my beautiful Raybans :)

the beautiful Liza Yaalia Bonsu, the founder and co-director of Yaa.Lia Fashion, who designed amazing ankara prints and designs for the FAWL (From Africa With Love) event. she's a beautiful person inside and out. JC OI, the photographer, took amazing pictures of the models showing off the prints and designs.

ok, for a bit of diversion, this post is dedicated to the FAWL show that took place this weekend in the Clarence Hotel, Dublin. It was TRULY an exotic evening with fine food and drinks with beautiful models struttin' their ish on the runway! (featuring moi and my crazy ass girls ) photos which have 'NAVAN' written on them indicates that the picture was taken by a photographer. 'Navan Photoguy' (facebook)