Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Another successful day! Today's main focus was on the professional procedure. everything from signing clothes out for a shoot right to steaming, pinning, fitting and customising. For your info guys, the work of a stylist is not the easiest! so much work to be done in so little time :/ Today we finished our mood boards for the shoot and got started AND completed our make up brief for the shoot. Hint: Bold and Neutral make up ;) We also got info about the model we will be working with on Thursday (Not mentioning the name yet) Absolutely loving this workshop and looking forward to tomorrow.. SIGNING CLOTHES OUT with the girls should be fun but also very tiring but I'm well prepared for what tomorrow has in store! Sorry if my day to day diary is short lol, don't wanna bore you guys! A few images below which include my OOTD and make up brief. I wore a navy dress with black crotchet on it and added tints of colour, an electric orange belt and some lipstick red pumps :) the dress looked very boring on it's own so I thought i'd jazz it up a bit! Hope you guys like the look :) x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fashion Styling School with Jan Brierton :)

Day 1: Woke up at 6am to make sure I caught the 7.26 train. Dedication right there. The workshop started at 10am and I met some great peeps :) There's only about 5 of us but we all share the same love for fashion! Today we got familiarised with the different roles of the fashion stylist working in various fields for example as a personal shopper, personal stylist, a freelance fashion stylist or a visual merchandiser (the type of area I'd be more interested in!), the different types of photo shoots in the industry (test shoot, editorial fashion shoot, advertoria shoot, advertising shoot, commercial shoot and product cut outs, YES there's a difference between all of these!). We also learnt about adapting a brief which is the basic plan for a shoot and we developed our own visual mood board. We were assigned a S/S 11 trend to style so it was important for us to develop a mood board for our ideas etc. Down below you'll see the mood board I started today. However, I still have to stick some more bits and bobs :)
I had a good day and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week,especially our fashion shoot on Thursday! I will be styling my very own first fashion shoot! Our brief is to style a 'prints charming' look for a fashion editorial.The whole idea is to use clothing that features prints in our look which can be combined with trend elements such as afro/pyjama/gatsby glam/pale and interesting etc. Not gonna reveal what I'm doing yet, I'll upload pics on Thurs/Fri :). EXCITED MUCH!!!!!
PS. down below there's also a quick glimpse of what I wore today (feat Chloe, my new buddy!). Didn't have time to take a proper full length photo :( I wore a forest green tailored blazer from Zara, a knitted pair of maroon leggings, a cream striped shirt, my gold collar chain and my creepers :) BOY WAS I ROASTING! Never knew the weather would be nice today, wouldn't have worn all those layers lool. hope you guys like the look x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ALMOST FORGOT! I met Brihanna (Brihanna Artist on Facebook!) at the ACIFW Show :) She was looking LUSH so I used the opportunity to snap snap away! Bri mxed and matched by wearing tints of blue, gold, yellow and brown and also managed to sneak a bit of print in as well. It looked great! Details of her outfit: blue top - Tommy Hilfiger. 'almost' metallic gold Blazer: H&M. Marigold high waisted skirt: River Island. Leopard Print Belt: Aldo. Necklace: Topshop. (don't think she was sure about this one, could be RI) Earrings: Primark and Topshop. Bangles: Primark :) Stay beautiful hunzo! lol x

MY OOTD. DENIM! Suprisingly I do not wear that much denim but if I did, This is how I would wear it. I'd wear stone wash denim AND dark denim. I can't imagine myself EVER wearing the same colour of denim.. YIKES! lol Today, I went for a more casual look. I hardly ever wear jeans! I'd actually wear my denim jacket with a pair of leggings or shorts with some ripped up tights :) The jacket is from Urban Outfitters, Jeans are from Penneys/Primark, Creepers from Boohoo :) YES, they arrived today! Was in the shower when my sister ran up the stairs n yelled: 'YOUR SHOES ARE HERE.' I was DELIGHTED. These babies are SUPER comfy. Definetly gonna get another pair :) The skull tshirt is from Minx, Scarf is from Penneys/Primark and I think that's about it. Hope you guys like the look :)

hey guys! :) Just a post updating you guys on the ACIFW (Afro Caribbean Irish Fashion Week) Fashion Show & Talkshow that took place on Saturday 16th June 2012! It was a very hectic day backstage but it was definetly a success! Here's a few photos that I took on the day! It was great meeting the designers. designers include Afropean, Claire Garvey, God's Grace collection, Iman Modest Wears Ireland, Tendai, Fashion by Rene and Fevino Alpha. I couldn't get a picture of every design from each designer but I got a good few! Also featuring random shots of the guys and girlos getting hair and make up done :) For those of you who were there, hope y'all had a great night :)