Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Today's 'Fit. :)

Hey fashionistas!

Here's today's OOTD.

Quite a chilly day but it did not stop me from wearing a pair of high waisted shorts and tights! I'll admit.. I FROZEEEE!

Black has become like my favourite colour! Love wearing dull colours and brightening it up with shoes and/or accessories! Tbh, it saves a lot of hassle!

LOVING my leather jacket! I got it before Christmas for 30 euro! I've always wanted an affordable leather jacket and thank God I found one!

I hope you guys like the look :) XO

Leather jacket (with gold spikes) - New Look
Bowler Hat - Penneys/Primark
Denim shirt - unknown
Earrings - Topshop
Shorts - Noname (I think!)
Scarf - Penneys/Primark
Nike Blazers - Lifestyle Sports
Turquoise ring - River Island

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Just another 'blehh' day.


Absolutely obsessed with scarves and beanies. Today I decided to rock my skull scarf. I have it in red too :) LOVE LOVE!

Sorry that the first picture isn't of best quality :/ pictures were only taken earlier on this evening! 

Hope you guys like the look! xo

Scarf - New Look
Jumper - Menswear section in Primark 
Shorts - DIY
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark

Monday, 7 January 2013

Holidays over! Back To Reality: COLLEGE :(

Today's Outfit!

New blazer, new scarf, new beanie and new shoes!

Casual look with slight pops of colour.. (I really do not know how to describe the colour of my blazer lol!)

Hope you guys like the look :)

Simple and ideal for a day to day college look!


Blazer: Dunnes Stores
Scarf: Penneys/Primark
Boots: Boohoo
Bag: Zara
Beanie: Penney/Primark
Earrings: New Look (or maybe River Island actually.. hehe)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

OOTD: Thanksgiving Sunday! The 1st Sunday in 2013 :)

Hey guys! Hope y'all had a good day!

Just another outfit post showing you guys what I wore to church today!

Hope you guys like the look.

Simple but still pretty! :)


P.S Thank GOD for PhotoGrid! Makes life soooo much easier :D

Dress - Ankara style. Sewn for me in Nigeria :)
Shoes - Korky's
Tights - Penneys/Primark

Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 in a ...... PhotoGrid!

Here's 2 collages I made which contains my many styles and outfits in 2012!

I started my blog in Summer '12 and I am very happy about how far I've come!

ALTHOUGH, 2013 WILL be better and I'll hopefully dedicate more time to my blog.

I really appreciate all the support guys!

Here's to an exciting, fun filled and STYLISH 2013!

Much Love xo

BEST OF 2012!!!


Hey beautiful people! :)

Happy New Year!

It's like the 5th day in 2013 and I finally have the chance to update my blog!


It's nothing special, twas a casual day and all I did was go grocery shopping with mummy!

All Black Everything featuring my vibrant new Nike Blazers!

My shoe game is gonna be sick this year! Just wait and see people ;)

AND OH YES. I finally bought my leather jacket (forgot to add it to my December Wishlist post!)


Hope you guys like the 'casual' outfit. xo

Studded (Gold) Leather Jacket - NewLook
Jeans- (belongs to my sister)
Blazers - Lifestyle Sports
Rings - NewLook

PS. I got long hair again. gotta protect my mini 'fro uno. hehe.